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Do your jobLast month I think I was a little bit too cryptic in the title of my newsletter. So this month I’ll be a little more Direct.

If you want to keep your job, get promoted, build your business and have happy customers all you have to do is – do your job.

I seemed to have hit a nerve in the Happyology keynote, when I tell people if they wish to be happy at work and have a happy manager all they have to do is – their job.

Recently after a talk the MD of a large construction company thanked me for my presentation. He had just realised that he and his co-directors had spent the most part of the past year doing nothing more than setting up policies and procedures to ensure that people, just do their jobs.

People complain that we have no leadership, yet when walking into most companies you will find instead of leading, leaders are spending most of their time chastising, disciplining, negotiating with labour, the unions and sitting at the CCMA fighting with people who didn’t do their job. Imagine if that time was actually spent leading the company to new horizons!

I realised just the other day while watching Man United losing to Swansea that the reason they lost was because someone didn’t do his job. His job was to mark a player. He didn’t do his job. The opposition scored and United lost. It’s really the same with any sport, let’s see how the Boks do their jobs in England this month.

So whether it’s textbooks not getting delivered to children in rural areas, no supplies on hospital shelves or no nurses to deliver babies – someone just didn’t do their job.

Getting a divorce? Someone is not doing his job. Someone is not doing her job. Let’s face it when we sign up for a marriage it’s basically a job. The employment contract is pretty simple and read out and agreed to before God and all of your relatives, and hers.

Generally the holy guy will ask you in your position as wife / husband if you will have this woman / man to be your wife / husband, to live together in holy marriage? Will you love her / him, comfort her / him, honor, and keep her / him in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, be faithful to her / him as long as you both shall live? You reply an emphatic “I will!”, and with that the employment contract is sealed.

For the most part and especially in the beginning it’s a fun job. There is the caring job, the listening job, the sharing job, the time and attention job, a few fun jobs, and all the other jobs that go into running a successful marriage. But then someone stops doing their job or just some of the jobs. That’s why I honestly believe that a more complete job description should accompany all marriage certificates. So when someone stops doing their job (the way they did them before the nuptials) they are in breach of contract and they can be called on to be accountable.

I was once asked if I could record clever messages for a call centre so that the customers would be occupied whilst on hold and waiting for the phone to be answered. My reply was simple; just answer the phone and help the customer immediately. In other words just do your job. Don’t make excuses as to why it can’t be done. Don’t tell me that I don’t realise (I love it when people tell me real-lies), and please don’t try and rationalize (tell me the rational-lies).

one jobYou accepted a job and the responsibility. You said “I will do the job”. So do the job! Don’t do it half, don’t do most of it, and don’t have good intentions or mean to do the job – just do your job.

I love the words of Vince Lombardi when he said, “Winning is an all-time thing. You don’t do things right once in awhile you do them right all the time.”

At this point I can see most managers and business owners are literally giving me a standing ovation and offering me s3xu4l favours. But before you hit the send button forwarding this message on to all the section heads to disseminate these words of wisdom, depth and philosophical amazing–ment at the next staff meeting, let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we!

If you were doing your job your little minions would be doing theirs! People generally don’t do their jobs because there are no consequences. People complain about staff not being accountable and responsible. Lovely words, nice things to say around the boardroom or as a keynote at the company conference.  BUT …

What makes people accountable and responsible, is knowing that consequences are real and dealt out firmly, fairly and consistently!   

Read that again!

passive aggressiveMost leaders and managers should rather go and make chocolate or watches because they are too afraid of holding anybody accountable and they avoid conflict like the Swiss! Research tells us that 80% of people in any form of leadership capacity will avoid conflict and tolerate poor performance instead of confronting it head-on. Half of people in organisations will just merely work around the nonperformance. Non-performing people create a culture of frustration, anger and disappointment. It also creates one person who will be called upon not only to do their own jobs but to continuously do the job of the others who do not perform. In South Africa I think they’re called “the Kippie or “Kippie the ….”

There are really three basic messages here today:

  1. Do your job
  2. If you are any form of leader do your job, by getting others do their jobs
  3. Hold them accountable & make them responsible

Stop asking me to tell people to be accountable and responsible at your conference. Stop telling people to be accountable and responsible. Hold them accountable and responsible and you will have accountable and responsible people who do their jobs. If the people on the floor are not performing it’s because the manager is not performing. If the manager is not doing his job it’s because his director is not doing his job. This goes on and on until you find where the buck stops. And it normally stops at the person asking other people to be accountable and responsible for their jobs!

Life really isn’t that complicated. Just do your job. Nothing more, nothing less.

Have a great month, now that you’ve wasted 15 minutes reading this nonsense,

Go Do Your Job!

STOP ITI don’t know about you but I’m really tired of receiving those cr4ppy emoti-quote-pics telling me to just be myself and not to care what people think.

“Be you, be true to who you are and walk your path and those who love you will understand and those who don’t are not for your path …
Give no mind to others and if they love you and if they really care they will love you exactly the way you are”…

Blah blah blah! Really!

Well, what if you are a B with an itch and you have no social graces? What if you are a negative know-it-all who doesn’t brush his teeth? What if you’re just plain lazy? (You never do your job or anything you say you’ll do and you always blame others) Or, what if you are lazy and stupid! You know the type; they always have an opinion about things but don’t have the slightest clue what they’re actually talking about. The type of person who gets elected to run a country or manage a service division of a multinational?

Maybe you’re the person who is a trifecta? Stupid, lazy and just plain mean. How the hell are people going to like you if you’re a trifecta? Maybe you should take a hard look at yourself and ask, “Why don’t people like me and what can I do to change their perceptions?”

News Flash! No person is an island and we all need each other unless you’re living on a deserted island. So it follows that people’s opinions matter. Get that? People are always saying don’t stress, don’t worry, so I say – worry and stress all the time, your business and relationships depend upon it. Your boss and your customers are watching and believe me their opinion matters.

Worry about your skills and efficiency because someone else wants your job. Worry about pricing, delivery and standards because your competition is eating your lunch and customers are promiscuous. Worry and stress about your appearance and your health because there are hundreds of viruses and bugs, germs and carcinogens that will make your heart stop and your life pretty uncomfortable unless you shape-up. Worry and stress about your marriage and relationships because love is an action. Love is an active awareness exercise that if worked on could stand the test of time.

You see if you stress and worry, if you work hard, play hard and give your all, if you’re a nice decent person who always tries his best then it is easy for people to like you.

Will they always like you? Hell no! Who likes a person who is always nice, does what she says she’ll do, keeps her word, works harder than everyone, exercises more, and looks better than most? People’s insecurities, issues and jealousy will make them hate you. So in a way you are damned if you do, and you are damned if you don’t. Or are you?

Wake up every day and just try to be a better version of you. Do your best, work hard, and give more so that you are proud of your efforts. Not because you want someone else to say so, or to be proud of you, do it because you’re competing with yourself. Trying to be a better you. When you like and respect yourself it is easier for others to like and respect you. There is no guarantee that they will but its better, I suppose, to earn the sometimes respect of others who appreciate class, than to have the scorn of people for your dysfunction.

In short, people have issues and so do you. People will always projected their cr4p on to you. But in many cases people are a reflection for you to improve yourself. They are a 4D full colour feedback system. The secret I suppose is being able to identify the difference between someone who is projecting their limitations and jealousy and someone who is genuinely showing you that your conduct needs altering. Either way start with you, work on you, and in the end you may get to a point where what they think of you really doesn’t matter because you know who you have become. Who you are. It really won’t matter because you know that you’ve worked on yourself enough to know your intention and conduct came from love and compassion.

Make 2015 yet another step in learning to like, love and respect yourself.

The oxymoron life law – to worry what other people think and yet not to stress! To stress about your results and performance but to remain calm in knowing that no matter what you do, someone will find fault. To improve you so others will notice and respond yet not to be caught up in the opinions of others. To play the game of image, brand and hype knowing it is merely a game you are playing. To play the game but to know it is not real and you are not the game.

After all of that – my head hurts! Have a fantastic self-improving year.


The Mile High ClubI’ve done it!

I joined the mile high club!

It was amazing; I have always fantasized about it! Haven’t you? 

How would it feel? Would it work? Where exactly would I be able to do it? Where would I stand? Would anyone see me? Would everyone see me? Would people be able to see anything? Is it even possible? Would it be a quickie or could I do the whole thing from start to finish?

It was my next big fantasy, my next frontier, my next innovation in action. I had already done it on top of a mountain, the Drakensburg to be specific. It’s always amazing out in the open. I’ve done it next to a swimming pool, in a car park, in a town hall (in fact many town halls from Pietermaritzburg to Bethlehem, from Port Elizabeth to Upington), I’ve done it on a train, I’ve done it on a bus, I’ve done it in a marquee, a tent, in a fire station, in a police station, and even a power station. I’ve done it at a nuclear power plant, on the ridge of a meteor crater, on a yacht in False Bay, a ship in the ocean, my smallest and most spontaneous place was a hastily cleaned out store room at Mike’s Kitchen in Parktown. It was extremely cramped but very intimate and loads of fun. On the other side of the scale I’ve done it in the Super Bowl! 

I’ve done it in factories and casinos, warehouses and townhouses. I’ve done it in high school halls, primary schools, nursery schools, classrooms, with teachers in staff rooms and gyms. At shopping centres and malls, retail shops, offices, lobbies, basements, basement parking lots, under trees in gardens, I’ve done it at many universities, boma’s, lapas, and then also in The Dome. 

I’ve done it at a Muslim school, many Jewish gatherings and guilds; I’ve even done it in a church! Yes, a church! Country clubs, golf courses, stadiums (in the actual stadium on the spectator seats), banks, next to bonfires in the Pilanesberg, on a train, on  game farms, on a chicken farm, in hospitals, on a rugby field, on a bus, in movie cinemas (very popular, being dark and all), in theatres, on a mine, in restaurants and bars, bed-and-breakfast establishments, in more hotels than I can count, up to and including five-star establishments like the Michelangelo in Sandton. 

I did it in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Birmingham, London, Dubai, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, Namibia, Mozambique, Mauritius, and in most major cities and towns across the republic of South Africa (I haven’t done them all but I am close, very close!). 

The one place I had never done it before was 10 km up in the air in a passenger aircraft, flying at 800 km/h. I have to admit it, I was very nervous and space was limited. She pulled back the curtain and there it was… I grabbed it in my right hand and moving slightly forward squeezed down hard on the nipple, I put it to my mouth and ……  I began to speak to the passengers on board the world’s first ever eco-fuel flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. 

With tremendous gratitude to my client Sasol we, together, reached a new frontier. Not only did Sasol fly the very first eco-fuelled passenger flight in the world, but I became (as far as I know and as far as any of my international speaking buddies know)….. The first speaker in the world to do a keynote presentation on board a 737, passenger filled aircraft using the air crew announcing system.

I presented a talk on Innovation in Action whilst travelling from Johannesburg to Cape Town and then a presentation on Making a Difference on the return flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. It was a rush!! The sound could have been better, most of the people could see me, I stood in front of business class, it was scary at first, but I did it! I have officially joined the mile high club. I could even be the founding member of the International Speaking Mile High Club

As many of you know Chink-ing or CHange, INnovation, and Kreativity is not only a keynote presentation I do, but forms a large part of my philosophy for life and all of my work.

Change and innovation however remain ideas and concepts until they are ACTION. Most speaking engagements normally consist of a dark room (a box) with no windows and one or two doors at the back. Not much you can do as far as innovation is concerned except perhaps dress the room or theme it. As you have seen above my philosophy is to stop thinking outside of the box and literally to start doing it outside of the box. 

  • So how do you, or are you activating your new ideas?
  • How are you making your innovations come to life?
  • What actions are you taking to make creativity a habit that lives and breathes in everything you do?
  • Innovation without action is pointless!
  • Thinking of new ways to invigorate your relationship is a waste of time – Love is an action!
  • That is so important that I believe it should be restated Love is an ACTION.
  • Thinking of innovative ways to generate new business is useless unless actions are taken.

 Thinking of different policies and procedures that bring about customer satisfaction, loyalty and customer care are as useful as a fork when eating soup. Only by setting up fun, measurable, sustainable, routines and rituals that are enforced without exception is success guaranteed.

Always try to do it differently, and in a different place!

Have a great month!

Gav Sharples