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Do your jobLast month I think I was a little bit too cryptic in the title of my newsletter. So this month I’ll be a little more Direct.

If you want to keep your job, get promoted, build your business and have happy customers all you have to do is – do your job.

I seemed to have hit a nerve in the Happyology keynote, when I tell people if they wish to be happy at work and have a happy manager all they have to do is – their job.

Recently after a talk the MD of a large construction company thanked me for my presentation. He had just realised that he and his co-directors had spent the most part of the past year doing nothing more than setting up policies and procedures to ensure that people, just do their jobs.

People complain that we have no leadership, yet when walking into most companies you will find instead of leading, leaders are spending most of their time chastising, disciplining, negotiating with labour, the unions and sitting at the CCMA fighting with people who didn’t do their job. Imagine if that time was actually spent leading the company to new horizons!

I realised just the other day while watching Man United losing to Swansea that the reason they lost was because someone didn’t do his job. His job was to mark a player. He didn’t do his job. The opposition scored and United lost. It’s really the same with any sport, let’s see how the Boks do their jobs in England this month.

So whether it’s textbooks not getting delivered to children in rural areas, no supplies on hospital shelves or no nurses to deliver babies – someone just didn’t do their job.

Getting a divorce? Someone is not doing his job. Someone is not doing her job. Let’s face it when we sign up for a marriage it’s basically a job. The employment contract is pretty simple and read out and agreed to before God and all of your relatives, and hers.

Generally the holy guy will ask you in your position as wife / husband if you will have this woman / man to be your wife / husband, to live together in holy marriage? Will you love her / him, comfort her / him, honor, and keep her / him in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, be faithful to her / him as long as you both shall live? You reply an emphatic “I will!”, and with that the employment contract is sealed.

For the most part and especially in the beginning it’s a fun job. There is the caring job, the listening job, the sharing job, the time and attention job, a few fun jobs, and all the other jobs that go into running a successful marriage. But then someone stops doing their job or just some of the jobs. That’s why I honestly believe that a more complete job description should accompany all marriage certificates. So when someone stops doing their job (the way they did them before the nuptials) they are in breach of contract and they can be called on to be accountable.

I was once asked if I could record clever messages for a call centre so that the customers would be occupied whilst on hold and waiting for the phone to be answered. My reply was simple; just answer the phone and help the customer immediately. In other words just do your job. Don’t make excuses as to why it can’t be done. Don’t tell me that I don’t realise (I love it when people tell me real-lies), and please don’t try and rationalize (tell me the rational-lies).

one jobYou accepted a job and the responsibility. You said “I will do the job”. So do the job! Don’t do it half, don’t do most of it, and don’t have good intentions or mean to do the job – just do your job.

I love the words of Vince Lombardi when he said, “Winning is an all-time thing. You don’t do things right once in awhile you do them right all the time.”

At this point I can see most managers and business owners are literally giving me a standing ovation and offering me s3xu4l favours. But before you hit the send button forwarding this message on to all the section heads to disseminate these words of wisdom, depth and philosophical amazing–ment at the next staff meeting, let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we!

If you were doing your job your little minions would be doing theirs! People generally don’t do their jobs because there are no consequences. People complain about staff not being accountable and responsible. Lovely words, nice things to say around the boardroom or as a keynote at the company conference.  BUT …

What makes people accountable and responsible, is knowing that consequences are real and dealt out firmly, fairly and consistently!   

Read that again!

passive aggressiveMost leaders and managers should rather go and make chocolate or watches because they are too afraid of holding anybody accountable and they avoid conflict like the Swiss! Research tells us that 80% of people in any form of leadership capacity will avoid conflict and tolerate poor performance instead of confronting it head-on. Half of people in organisations will just merely work around the nonperformance. Non-performing people create a culture of frustration, anger and disappointment. It also creates one person who will be called upon not only to do their own jobs but to continuously do the job of the others who do not perform. In South Africa I think they’re called “the Kippie or “Kippie the ….”

There are really three basic messages here today:

  1. Do your job
  2. If you are any form of leader do your job, by getting others do their jobs
  3. Hold them accountable & make them responsible

Stop asking me to tell people to be accountable and responsible at your conference. Stop telling people to be accountable and responsible. Hold them accountable and responsible and you will have accountable and responsible people who do their jobs. If the people on the floor are not performing it’s because the manager is not performing. If the manager is not doing his job it’s because his director is not doing his job. This goes on and on until you find where the buck stops. And it normally stops at the person asking other people to be accountable and responsible for their jobs!

Life really isn’t that complicated. Just do your job. Nothing more, nothing less.

Have a great month, now that you’ve wasted 15 minutes reading this nonsense,

Go Do Your Job!

We’ve got it all wrong!happy

Have you notice how terminally unhappy people are in general?

What is with this phenomenon of every second person you come across seeming to carry the world on their shoulders?

Call any company and notice the attitude of most of the staff. Walk into any organization and you will be met by unhappiness you believed was only reserved for government departments and mother-in-laws.

Even the simple question, “How are you?” seems to elicit either a morbid complaint or an actual blow-by-blow medical or life problem. They don’t realize that “hello how are you” is a greeting, not a frikken question!

“How are you”, “Can’t complain, cause if I do no one will listen; if they listen then they can’t help; and if the can they actually don’t want to. Can’t complain.”

How’s this true story? “How’s it going”, “Every day above ground is a good day!”

Did you know that research has shown that over 80% of people are unhappy at work, with work and the job they do!

Have you ever heard that collective sigh on a Sunday night at about 19:00 just as the Carte Blanche jingle starts? You hear South Africa groan in unison “Gotta go to work tomorrow!”, “Weekend’s over!”, “Another week before the weekend!”, “Back to the grindstone!”

What about people who, for some reason, are able to call into radio stations during working hours and when asked by the radio person what they’re up to they reply, “oh I’m just at work: terrible hey!” Really! Real-flippen-lee? Your job, the company that employs you, and pays you so you can cover your bills and feed your kids; the people there and the boss who believed in you enough to hire you, who trusts you with their clients and business is – terrible! Well why don’t you just pack your YOU magazine, your cute fluffy desk troll, photos of your sproglets (Obnoxiously sprinkled all over your desk / cubicle) and go the stuff home.

What is this belief that other people and places are supposed to make you feel happy? I have never seen a single job description that states that it’s gonna be fun to work there and that it’s the company or your bosses responsibility to make and keep you happy.

News flash! There is no fun, honor, dignity, or happiness in working at any job or in any company until YOU bring fun, honor, dignity and happiness to the job. If your job is terrible it must be because you are terrible at it.

For some reason we have believed that other people will make us happy. We believe that our boss, our husband/wife/partner will make us happy and if we work at it or them hard enough they will make us happy. People believe that other people are responsible for their happiness. Some even try reverse psychology and believe that the more they do for their loved ones, family and friends or their boss that these individual will reciprocate and make them happy. I make you happy you must make me happy.

We live in the divorce capital of the world with one of the highest rates of suicide in teens and men. We seem to have unhappy kids, bosses, customers and shareholders. And of the few who have made this model work, most have ended up unhappy, rich people.
Our search for happiness and our attempts at achieving happiness have failed and this is why!

We’ve got it all wrong!

We have traditionally believed that if you work hard and get results you will be successful and then it follows that you will be happy. HW + R + S = 🙂

Sound familiar? We believe this to be true and we live this formula because as Aristotle said, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existents”.

Ask anyone what he or she wants in life and they reply that they want happiness or something that makes them happy. Everyone on planet earth is pursuing some form of happiness or something that they believe will make them happy. Some believe that a good body will make them happy, for others it’s a title, a loving family, peer acceptance, brands, stuff, an up market address, modern clothing, or a Polo GTi with mag’s, a sunroof, banana branch muffler and a boot full of amps.

HAPPY5Most people actually do work hard in an attempt to achieve happiness. Companies believe that staff must work hard, produce results and then they will be happy. Companies set up remuneration to this end. Work hard; get results; get money; be happy. The harder you work the more we will reward you and the happier you will be.

And may I ask: How is that working out for you?

The amazing thing is, that in spite of all this proof that the belief and process of Do – Achieve – Be Happy, doesn’t in fact work, it is still our set point or modus operandi.

It’s like the fly trying to push through the un-seen glass window. No matter how hard it tries to push through the invisible obstacle it cannot succeed and either gets fried by the sun or succumbs to thirst and starvation. If it had only moved 2cm to the left of the frame! Freedom.

Well here is the move, the shift, and the magic. The old formula of hard work equals results, which equals success and then happiness (HW = R = S = :-)) has failed us dismally.

New research has now shown that the formula to results, achievement, purpose and success is in fact:

To be Happy; then you will work hard and want to work hard; get better results and achieve success and that will make you Happier still and then it all starts again 🙂 = HW = R = S = 🙂 

In relationships it works the same way. Be a happy person and people will find you more attractive, want to be around you and you will or can affect their happiness. 🙂 = love + relationships.

It all starts will happiness. Happyology is the study of happiness. It’s the new world-wide phenomenon and as a student and expert in Happyology I have to inform you that your life, your success, your relationships are all dependent on how happy you are, and NOT about what others do, say, give, or most other external events. Happy people bring happy to the company, relationship and event. Happy people are contagious and they make happy spouses and customers.

So, to the action

  • What is your daily happy strategy?
  • How happy are you right now and what are you doing about it?
  • How happy is your marriage and why?
  • What are you doing to make it a happy marriage?

Managers and owners read this part carefully:-

Do you realize that it is not your company’s job or responsibility to make and keep staff happy? All your company needs to do is provide the environment, the systems, the equipment, be fair, firm and pay on time. You are NOT responsible for your staff’s happiness and good luck to you if you try. Trying to motivate a fundamentally unhappy person is like trying to get South Africans to vote for a competent government.

Companies can and do influence and contribute to staff morale and happiness. Profit driven companies and managers understand this strategic advantage. So they have a monthly motivational budget.

What is your motivational (happy) budget? Did you know there are bottom line benefits that happy people bring to companies and their profits?

Happy people / staff …

  • have less absenteeism which makes for a more productive efficient company
  • work harder and longer and infect people around them
  • produce better results
  • care more about accuracy and outcomes
  • are more customer focused
  • get more done in less time reducing labour costs
  • work to higher standards and take pride in their work
  • are less resistant to change
  • have less conflict and solve issues amicably

There are over 27 more bottom line business advantages of employing and having happy staff but for brevity I will keep these to myself for now!

The destruction caused by Unhappy staff are also to numerous to mention all but here are a few. Unhappy Staff ….

  • are absent a lot and use up all available leave as it is earned
  • are off “sick” more, leaving their functions unattended or placing strain on the staff having to fill in for them
  • clock watch, take ever break and stay away from their desks longer
  • produce less, are less accurate, make careless mistakes, lose customers, cost the company money and resists change
  • push the price of labour up, they create and are involved in massive amounts of internal conflicts
  • are always late and the first to leave
  • complain about everything and blame others for their failures
  • create disharmony in the team and stir up issues in the coffee areas
  • need constant supervision, take no initiative and really couldn’t care about anyone or anything but themselves
  • job hop, submit grievances, have go-slows, don’t perform, work the system – pushing all legal angles and rights to the max
  • frustrate, infuriate, and waste time and money

Happiness is an internal process. External factors can influence it but it’s a personal process to achieve inner true happiness. You just need a system, understanding and ideas to execute and live a happy life. Happy is an action and it needs active engagement.

Try it out! Decide that tomorrow you will be happy. Fake it if you have to. Just promise to be happy for one day and see the results that you get with your spouse, kids, colleges, and customers.

You really don’t need more money, or to be thinner, get a promotion, move house or win the lotto, you just have to decide and see the magic. You have to set up happy strategies and action and live a happy life on purpose. You have to make you happy. You have to keep filling your happy furnace.

Everything you will ever do has your level of happiness as its departure point.

Happy is my passion. So Happyology is my thing. People are not very happy mostly because they are lazy so my other field is now also Lazyology. I have researched, practiced and have over 100 strategies, ideas and actions to be happier and I would love to share them with you!

Gavin’s new keynote explores Happyology to help you and your team be happier. Its traditional-ground breaking, ancient–cutting edge, new-basic, and common sense–unique set of actions, tips and strategies to make a happy profit and get happy results.

99.99 percent of all problems faced by corporates and people on planet earth basically originated due to laziness. Lazyology looks at Malignant Metastasized Carcinoma of the Gluteus Maximus. Pro-philosopher Sharples looks at symptoms, causes and treatments of this international pandemic, which is destroying business, relationships, marriages and the South African government.

Gavin Sharples