About Gavin Sharples

254GAVIN SHARPLES, the Action Man. South Africa’s top motivational speaker and humourist. A professional and experienced platform Speaker, delivering CHANGE to you and your business, corporate events and functions, business days, themed talks, MC events, and personalised presentations.

GAVIN IS DIFFERENT! He does not just talk about being different, he IS DIFFERENT. By creating ground breaking and different business philosophy’s and ideas, he taps into THE HEART of the matter and tells it like it is!

He’s been called: a maverick, crazy, intense, outspoken & creative, nice guy, not normal, naughty and passionate. His titles include: son, brother, student, captain, detective sergeant, body guard, entrepreneur, boss, national training manager, consultant, author, comedian, friend, husband, and his greatest achievement – DADDY! (Anyone can be a father).  AND he is also South Africa’s most sought after platform speaker.

GAVIN has been talking the talk and changing attitudes both locally and internationally for 18 years, and talks to thousands of people every year. As the founder of the S.A. Consciousness Movement, GAVIN SHARPLES wants to wake the world up to the possibilities.


GAVIN SHARPLES is about CHANGE, innovation and doing things differently. Whether motivating sales people, admin staff, managers, supervisors, or senior executives Gavin only speaks of three things! He calls it the simple ABC success formula. Action, Beliefs, and Consciousness.

Put another way Action, Rethinking Your Thinking, and Awareness. Only by changing our activities and our actions will change occur. Results can only be obtained by massive amounts of positive action. Action is brought about by our beliefs and our thoughts. Only by rethinking our thinking will we be able to act differently. Unless we are aware of our thoughts, and actions and how they affect our results nothing will change.

So Gavin gets delegates to be aware of their actions, thinking and possibilities. He asks them to rethink their thinking and arms them with the sales, customer service, management, actions in order to bring about sustainable behavioural change that is measurable in results.

He has easy, practical and different ideas that work by liberating others’ uniqueness. Breaking the ordinary and not thinking out of the box but ACTING out of the box is what he does best.

At your event, GAVIN will deliver a meaningful message and can pick up on any theme or speaker’s activities and will build on a theme – giving more value to your event.


Guaranteed that an encounter with GAVIN SHARPLES will leave you thinking differently, but he aims to help you DO different.

GAVIN SHARPLES is one of South Africa’s top HUMOURIST and platform speakers. Offering practical business philosophies that are proven and proactive, GAVIN will help you walk the talk.

Get motivated for CHANGE and contact GAVIN SHARPLES!

 “rehtnik yuor tnhiknig”

… and book GAVIN SHARPLES for your next event

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